Herbal Tonics

Herbal Tonics

from 15.00

Sunday, June 10

at the Schvitz

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Join Hedgewitch Holistics for an afternoon of herbal tonics to support a healthy immune system, promote mental wellness and more. In this two-hour workshop, we'll discuss the properties and actions of several different nourishing plants to support all of the major organ systems of the body. You'll taste teas, tinctures and other concoctions as you learn about different applications of plant medicine and how to find what works best for you. And I'll dispel some myths or rumors you may have heard about what makes an herb "tonic." 

Workshop participants will take home a tea blend and a zine with information about the plants we discuss and recipes to get you started on making your own tonic formulas at home. 

Thanks to the incredible generosity of The Schivtz, I am able to offer this workshop at a sliding scale rate. Just select the amount you are able to pay from the drop down menu above and add it to the cart. If the range of the sliding scale does not work for you, please message me through the website and I will accommodate you. No one will be turned away for inability to pay. 

If you need some guidance to help you figure out where you fall on the sliding scale, please see the graphic below from Worts + Cunning.