Reiki at the Schvitz

Reiki at the Schvitz


Tuesday, December 11
at the Schvitz

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Relax into a 20-minute reiki session at the Schvitz to help you feel renewed, refreshed and ready to take on what comes next. Sessions are scheduled in 30-minute increments to give us a few minutes to talk about observations afterward.

Tips for your reiki session:

  • Schedule before, during or after your banya/sauna time. Some people like to get their reiki session out of the way before going downstairs and others like to do it last, on their way home for the evening. This is a personal preference so do whatever feels right for you.

  • Reiki is typically done with the client fully clothed. Since you most likely won’t be fully clothed at the Schvitz, please wear a bathrobe to your session.

  • Stop by my table at least five minutes prior to your scheduled time to fill out an intake and consent form. This will help to inform me of which areas may need some extra attention during your session.

  • As long as we’re running on time, we should have a few minutes to discuss our observations after your session. If you are someone who is really into this component of reiki and you want more time to discuss observations, email me to book a one-hour in-home session…they’re at a special price through the end of the year!